Industrial plant construction, machines, spare parts, and semi-finished products HTI-GmbH
The company HTI has many years of plant engineering experience, and we are especially experienced in supplying equipment for kitchen range factories.
We were able to implement the following projects:
  • Electric and gas-powered enamel ovens in energy-saving design
  • Enamel powder booths for the electrostatic application of enamel powder
  • New and used pre-treatment plants
  • Powder coating plants for the electrostatic application of powder coatings
  • Production lines for manufacturing enamel powder for electrostatic application
  • Fully automatic production lines for manufacturing gas fittings
  • Robot welding system for flexible welding of oven boxes
  • Transfer molding press
  • Tools for transfer molding presses
  • Production line for manufacturing burners
And further equipment for manufacturing kitchen ranges.
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